Though a revolution may not occur within our lifetime, members of the Scottish Socialist Youth firmly believe that the power of collective action will shape our future.

As members of the SSY, we commit ourselves to the task of building socialism in Scotland. We begin this task by embracing the diverse ways in which each individual can contribute to the cause.

General members strengthen the SSY by supporting us financially, sharing our ideas to reach new people, and attending rallies, events and protests. Each act, big or small, enriches our network and extends our reach.

Organising members lead the charge by building the presence of the socialist youth movement in communities across the country. These members lead our efforts towards building a socialist country by creating activist groups, forming community campaigns to influence policymakers, and by deciding the leadership and direction of the organisation.

All members of the SSY pay a monthly subscription rate of their choosing, commit to our 6 core principles, and agree to our Members Policy as we strive for an inclusive 21st century socialist organisation.

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We welcome all young socialists aged 14-30.

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If you don’t feel ready to become a member of the SSY, get in touch with us! We’ll answer any questions you have and invite you along to some of our events so you can give it a go!

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