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The SSY is Scotland’s new independent socialist youth network.

We are not affiliated to any organisations — we are a platform for the voices of young socialists in Scotland.

Our youth network is directed exclusively by young people, aged 14-30. We welcome the engagement of all fellow socialists. 

We are growing a network of young people who believe in building a Scotland where people come before profits.

We will campaign — regardless of partisan allegiance — in favour of an independent socialist republic, where all people are treated with dignity and respect.*

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* except fascists

We are building our socialist youth network upon 6 basic principles.

These are: socialism, independence, social liberation, democracy, internationalism, and environmentalism. If you agree with these principles, we invite you to join us.

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There are two main ways to get involved with the SSY at this stage:

(1) follow our social media pages

(2) register your interest for future

Scottish Socialist Youth, founded 2021, was created by ex-members of the Scottish Socialist Party.

Before it was renamed in 2015, Scottish Socialist Youth was the name of a youth organisation affiliated to the SSP. This organisation, much like ours, fought for independence and socialism.

There remains a gap on the Scottish left for a non-partisan socialist organisation with entirely youth leadership and direction. 

So many young people are interested in left-wing, socialist ideas yet Scotland still lacks a space where we can meet to develop them.

Similarly, those young socialists who already are aligned with parties still have no place to unite and collaborate beyond the political lines drawn by their organisations.

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