Our core principles

We founded the Scottish Socialist Youth on a set of core, socialist principles. These principles are not up for debate.

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Our aims

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We seek to overturn capitalism and private ownership, replacing them with a system that prioritises people’s needs: socialism.

Young people worldwide have the most to gain from overthrowing the ruling classes of capitalism and the most to lose by allowing the destruction of our peoples and planet to continue.

We seek to honour the radicals, socialists, Marxists and communists of our history. Movements of the past provide invaluable lessons for socialists, but not a template for winning power in Scotland today.

Our socialism is fit for the 21st century, and our strategies are focused on the reality of Scotland’s working classes.


We believe independence provides a radical opportunity for change in 21st century Scotland.

The British state has proven itself time and time again as an enemy of democracy in Scotland and an opponent of working-class interests. With independence we could forge a new path for Scotland, establishing a constitutional republic with a genuine democratic system.

While we support independence wholeheartedly as an alternative to British capitalism, we do not pursue this vision at the cost of our other principles.

Independence is about change, not more of the same. We will always advocate for a version of Scottish independence that champions left-wing values.


We don’t just fight for freedom from wage slavery and capitalist exploitation, but also freedom from social oppressions.

We’re fighting to overturn capitalism. Not just the base of the system that maintains the current relationship between people and property ownership, but also the social structures and laws which live in harmony with the capitalist system.

We believe that a revolution without liberation is no revolution at all. Fighting prejudice and discrimination is a necessary step towards a socialist society wherein all people are treated with dignity and respect.

We strongly oppose racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and we will work alongside all comrades who agree with us.


We want to see a Scotland that is run by the working-class people who live here, not just the landlords, fat-cat capitalists and bankers who own private property.

To realise this vision, we recognise that all aspects of our economy, society and governance must be democratically controlled and accountable to the people.

For us, socialism is a natural ally to all peoples who believe in real democracy — not the capitalist model which puts power in the hands of the rich and powerful. 


We are fortunate to live in an industrially developed nation, and have the luxurious freedom to politically organise and call for socialist transformation. Many peoples do not have the same fortune, and instead contend with the sinister influences of capitalism abroad.

A core ingredient of capitalism in the 21st century is the influence it has on the over-exploited third world, where many of our comrades face conditions far worse than we do.

We believe that anti-imperialism and international socialist solidarity will be key to the success of any socialist future.


We recognise the terrifying implications of capitalist driven ecocide. The world in 30 years will be unrecognisable due to the acceleration of climate crisis and environmental destruction, advanced by wealthy elites in the name of profit.

We also recognise that it is ourselves, working-class youth of the world, who will suffer the most as a result of decisions we did not take. Action must be taken.

However, we do not prioritise solutions which place responsibility on individuals. The blame for our current situation lies on the flawed economic system that encourages pollution, deforestation, and brutalisation of the world — and those who are ruthless to maintain it.

The SSY is dedicated to fighting against the destruction of our planet, for ourselves and for the youth of the future.

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