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Please remember: to become a member of the SSY you must commit to our 6 core principles, and agree to our Members Policy.

Later in the process of joining we ask every member to set up a recurring membership subscription to help fund our activities, however we are always happy to make exceptions if your situation does not allow this. Our recommended rates are £2, £5 or £10 each month.

  • Vote on motions and decisions brought forward at National Meetings;
  • Vote on political positions of the SSY through the medium of an online ballot;
  • Vote in the elections of National Committee representatives and other SSY national office bearers;
  • Participate in SSY groups and their respective internal democratic processes;
  • Present motions to National Meetings on your own behalf or on behalf of a national group;
  • Stand for office in any national group, campaign or committee of which you are a member; 
  • Found and lead groups — either affiliated or national — which represent a community of interest, identity or geography at the discretion of the National Committee or a National Meeting;
  • Attend National Committee meetings as an observer;
  • Question, critique and hold to account the work of any national group, campaign or committee at their respective meetings or at an appropriate time during a National Meeting.
  • To make informed voting decisions and stay up to date with relevant discussions leading up to votes;
  • To participate with the SSY’s core principles and aims at heart, casting aside interests of personal gain and sectarianism;
  • To avoid unreasonably disrupting the activities of any group, campaign or committee by participating in bad faith.

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