Ideas alone don’t change the world if all you do is hold them.

To build power for youth, and create the world we want to live in, we carry out a range of core activities.

Without a rigid network of youth organisers, our activities would be disorganised and fragmented. Youth interested in socialist organising unite to build empowered groups and democratic national spaces.

These structures are core to the smooth, effective running of our entire organisation; they are powered by ordinary members, who plan events, discuss strategy and support their comrades.

In order to effectively change society, socialists must challenge the ideas that the capitalist system is rooted in. In order to better understand capitalism, socialism and the world, we put great emphasis on peer-to-peer learning.

With educational organising, we constantly enhance our knowledge and challenge our preconceived ideas about the way things are; exposing the rift between ideology and reality under 21st century capitalism.

Discussion plays a key role in our organising efforts. We encourage members to express their ideas and opinions, share articles (and memes), and distribute information online and offline.

To improve the depth of our ideas and knowledge, we hold discussions at our group meetings, facilitate policy discussions in national spaces, and circulate these ideas through social media channels and other networks. 

An individual’s idea goes only as far as collective action takes it. To manifest our ideas into the real world, we create campaigns. With some of them, we aim to bring about change, while we use others to raise awareness for important issues.

All of our campaigns are democratically led by campaigners, organised by groups and planning meetings.

There is an immensurable number of political struggles in the world, and we are simply unable to tackle them all ourselves. To make up for this, we try to demonstrate support for left-wing allies and trade unions wherever we can.

You may see us promoting other left-wing groups, helping out non-partisan campaigns, or out on the picket lines.

We campaign to advance long-term strategies, but that does not stop us from organising action to tackle one-off events and short-term goals.

We explore a variety of options while taking action, using contemporary tactics and technology to provide roles in our activities for all people regardless of their abilities or experience.

Our organisational structures are powered by democracy. We’re always moving forward by discussing the ideas of our members and voting on the best of them.

We organise our leadership democratically too, allowing members to stand for election, and encouraging accountability for all people in leadership positions. 

To achieve our aims, we need to be great at sharing our ideas, and reaching new people.

We promote ourselves online and through social media, reaching out to youth from across the nation. We also seek to build a positive reputation where we establish ourselves in local communities, earning the respect of those who we stand up for.

Young socialists may not control any wealth in society, but that doesn’t mean we can’t raise the funds necessary to build formidable campaigns and publish our ideas far and wide.

Youth organisers coordinate fundraising efforts across the nation, financing our movement not with dark money from corporations or the wealthy, but with hard cash earned through unity and hustle.

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